Develop Open QUB
Hopefully there is an interest among UIQ developers to continue the development of Open QUB. Right now the tool can be pretty useful when developing small UIQ applications, but with some functionality enhancements we believe it could become a helpful tool even for the most advanced UIQ developer.

Here's a list of some of the features we plan to implement in future versions of Open QUB:

* Add plug-ins for all existing controls in UIQ 2.1.
* Support for multiple tab screens.
* Possible to import bitmaps into projects.
* Possible to import icons.
* Possible to customise the button bar.
* Support for categories.
* Improvement of code generation and plug-in structure.
* Increased user-friendliness.
* Support for event handling.
* Code editor/viewer.
Current QUB version is 1.0
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